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When we left PEI, we started heading west again; we were on our way home. Our hearts were still aching for our new friend Steve who lost his home in the fire. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, the Canadian Red Cross, Live Different, our pal Jamie and Chelsea’s awesome cousin we were all able to get back on our feet.

Leaving PEI we went back to New Brunswick to stay with the Ouelettes again. It was great to see familiar faces. We had some crisp early morning shows. Winter was starting to show her face.

In Quebec we stayed at a couple of different schools. In La Tuque we spent the whole weekend! Playing some games, walking around the town and watching a movie on the “Big Screen” from our presentation setup was relaxing and fun.

We spent two evenings in Montréal and David and I secured an apartment for 2016. Man, we love that city. Still looking forward to going home :-)

We spent a whole week in and around Ottawa, doing presentations and hanging out. We went to see the Museum of Natural History in Gatineau and the Parliament building.

The crew spent two nights in Kingston with David’s childhood friend Rock and his girlfriend Erin. Thanks so much for welcoming us to your home!

At last we were in Hamilton in a somewhat familiar place, cooking our usual food and doing our usual things. We wrote a new song that we’re excited to start getting out there in the world. We went to Windsor for 3 nights and Brooklyn MI for one. Our last billet was Tim in Toronto. We went swimming in his awesome condo pool and made (and subsequently devoured) gingerbread houses.

Monday Dec. 14th was our last show with LD. What a wonderful experience it all was! Seeing the natural (and human) wonders of Eastern Canada, performing for and meeting awesome students, teachers and support staff. We can’t thank enough all the kind people who opened their homes and arms to us. Thank you also to the whole Live Different staff for making this experience possible. Thank you to team 1 for making it through the madness with us! We’ll always have you in our hearts.

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