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Live Different Tour Week 5 and 6

On our last day in Quebec, we swam in a beautiful lake in Lacolle where our host mother, Margaret, grew up. What a perfect day! Saturday morning we got up early to start our drive to New Brunswick. We were sad to say goodbye to Quebec but ready for adventure. We spent four days with an amazing family in Grand Falls, with two boys, 10 and 14. They showed us hometown hospitality like no other! We explored the falls and the woods, played soccer, build paper airplanes, learned to crochet and watched movies. It was hard to say goodbye to our new friends but early on Sep. 23rd we headed for Stanley where we played at Stanley High! That evening we stayed in Fredricton with Mr. and Mrs. Blom. The couple had long ago moved from Holland and had all kinds of interesting facts to share. We had to try all kinds of Dutch treats before we left to go put on a show at Central New Bruswick Academy. After the show David learned to drive the bus for the first time! It was a long a bumby road but he drove like a champion. Later that evening we crossed over into Nova Scotia accompanied by the hooting and hollering of the NS natives on the road team. We arrived late in Amherst, NS and went straight to bed so we could get up on time for our show at EB Chandler Middle School. What a fun bunch of Grade 7s and 8s. That evening we finally arrived in Bridgewater, NS where Chelsea and Andrew grew up / attended middle and high school. Boy was it a warm welcome! The whole team got a warm fuzzy feeling as we all felt right at home :-) Over the weekend we got to visit 2 beautiful beaches, the city of Lunenburg and ample opportunity to see Bridgewater and the surrounding area. I’m starting to feel a little “sold” on Nova Scotia; it would be awesome to live here someday! Sunday night was the Lunar Eclipse. We watched the full moon rise in the evening and that night around 10, watched as the copper moon came out and shivering together, talked into the night. Monday we headed over towards the Bay of Fundy and stopped for a long hike on Cape Split. It was a lovely walk in the woods, dappled with early autumn light. The tip of Cape Split was extremely windy, we were almost afraid of falling right off and flying down the rocks below. That evening we arrived at Chelsea’s grandparent’s house near Berwick, NS. We ate amazing food, had great conversation and David got to check out Francis’ machinist workshop! Wednesday morning we booked it back over to the East Coast of the Peninsula to play at Sackville Heights. That night we drove to Yarmouth, NS, the hometown of Andrew and stayed with his sister Alyssa. Thursday brought us to Shelbourne Regional High School and Friday to Lockport Regional High School. Friday night we celebrated weeks of success by having a big Fish and Chip dinner together in Mahone Bay! Yum!

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