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Live Different Week 7 and 8

The last two weeks have been a bit of a blur but I think I still remember what happened! On the 3rd we got to spend our first day ever in Halifax. It was a lovely coastal city and a blustery day. We visited restaurants, the botanical garden and Citadel Hill. Mandy had to go back to Hamilton so we said goodbye before going back to Bridgewater. Sunday was a lazy day of practice, pool cleaning and pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving eating. Yum yum!

It was time to hit the road again on Monday and we played at the Junior High in Bible Hill. Poor little Emma got an asthma attack and went to the ER for the afternoon. Thankfully, despite some nurse incompetence, she was okay! That evening we stayed in Fall River with Chelsea and Andrew’s best friend David’s Aunt, Uncle and little girl.

The next morning we just popped down the road to play at Georges P. Vanier Junior High. We wound our way up to Cape Breton that afternoon to the town of Eskasoni, where we met a team of teachers and high school students from Allison Bernard Memorial High School, who had just completed a Live Different build in the Dominican Republic. They were full of energy and stories from their time there. We had a big spaghetti supper and then the principal Newell took us to the Eskasoni Baha’i centre to stay the night.

Baha’i is a relatively new, monotheistic religion stemming from Persia in the mid 19th century. The religion’s founder Bahá’ulláh is viewed as a divine messenger in a series of messengers including Jesus, Muhammad, and Moses. The faith is grounded in the beliefs of unity of God and the unity of humanity. Very cool stuff to learn about!

Wednesday morning we did a show at ABMHS and were given a beautiful dream catcher to keep us safe on our continuing journey. Thursday we continued our journey to Glace Bay where we stayed at an awesome youth centre. There was so much to do! Basketball, parachute, pool, ping-pong, and air hockey, not to mention a stage set up in the chapel with amps and a full drum kit that we could practice on.

Saturday night we went with the students from Eskasoni to Fright Night in Two Rivers Wildlife Park. There was a great band, Kick, playing as we waited in line and the haunted woods scared the pants off us all! It was fun to get in the Halloween spirit and all the proceeds went to help maintain the Wildlife Park!

Sunday we cooked up a bang on Thanksgiving dîner for ourselves before we packed up, left the youth centre and drove to the Newfoundland Ferry Terminal in Sydney. At midnight, we departed across the dark cold waters on our first ever journey to Newfoundland! We arrived at 7 a.m. in Port-aux-Basques, park the bus across the street from Tim Hortons and everybody slept until the afternoon. Then we went to The College of the North Atlantic, where we settled down for the night. The staff there was so nice and funny; it was a pleasure being there!

Tuesday morning we played at the local High School, St. James Regional and then we drove to Doyles and set up another show at Belanger Memorial School. David, Andrew and I practiced some new tunes that evening with the help of Chelsea while the others tried to find food. They weren’t able to come up with much but we didn’t go hungry. That night we stayed in two lovely little cabins just across the road and passed the rainy night away watching the Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model.

We played at the school in the morning, packed up quick and drove to Cartyville to perform at E.A. Butler School. That evening we stayed with at adorable family in beautiful Corner Brook, NL. I could have spent all night taking pictures! Thursday we backtracked to play at Piccadilly Central High School before driving 7 hours to Musgravetown where we stayed with some really nice folks. Our show in Lethbridge Friday morning went swimmingly, and I gotta say, we are loving the Newfoundland spirit! The students here are spectacular :-) After all the week’s excitement, we were ready for an awesome weekend in St. John’s!

More to come next time!

Xo Jitensha

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