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Moving Home Again – Jan 2016

Wow we’ve finally moved back to Montreal! We left Toronto on Thursday afternoon freshly full of nachos and a veggie burger. Stopping in Kingston that night, we had Indian food with our friends and watched American Idol auditions and MTV (which we hadn’t done in forever!) We especially liked “Broke Ass Game Show.”

Rising early, we headed to MTL. We enjoyed a Tim’s breakfast at ONroute and were in Quebec before we knew it. We went to our new home for the first time, dropped off a car full of stuff and went back and forth between home and our storage unit FOUR TIMES before we were finally finished around 10 pm. The rest of the weekend we spent unpacking, sorting and giving away a bunch of things. It feels good to downsize!

We can’t wait to start performing again starting tomorrow! Thanks all for now.

Xo Jitensha

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