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Jitensha is a duo featuring David Martinez on vocals and guitar, and Erin Rose Hubbard on vocals, banjo and drums. Jitensha has 3 recorded works available: Jitensha Acoustic Live EP (2014), Buck Moon (2014) and EP Vol. 2 (2017). They have played original shows all across the USA and Canada. They have toured with the Canadian non-profit Live Different (2015) and worked for P & O Cruises Australia as a lounge duo from June 2016 till January 2018. They are currently in Montréal working on an original project but are accepting offers for parties, weddings, original concerts, hotel and cruise contracts.

Jitensha Lounge Duo


We write and record original music. Our first album, "Buck Moon" was released in May of 2014. Click the button to be directed to Bandcamp where you can download or buy a copy of "Buck Moon." Or, come out to one of our upcoming shows and pick up a copy in person. We are currently (very slowly) working on our next original project!
We perform for various special events. Whether it be ambience for a lounge, fundraiser, dinner, wedding or engagement party, we've got what it takes to make your event a success. You can catch us or keep up to date with us on our social media outlets or click below to see our calendar!
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Erin and David are punctual and arrive at sets well organized with equipment etc in order. They are well presented and always report any issues in a timely manner. Jitensha are versatile and capable of performing across a broad range of styles and genres with a large repertoire to suit. They are popular and well liked by passengers and provide a great musical product. They are a professional, friendly and personable young people of good character and are always polite and courteous towards passengers.
Erin and David, are both very fun, positive people to work with, they always willing to go beyond expectations when it comes to performing, both their own sets and with other musicians. They are always striving for perfection, and because of this their original arrangements sound better and better each time they are performed. Erin and David are always pushing themselves to learn new music and partake in performances with musicians who have very different styles to their own, such as on Blues Night and Live at Charlie's. They are both team players, not only working to better their own performances, but even encouraging and helping one of our entertainment staff to sing with everybody at our 'Live at Charlies' performance. Jitensha are not only loved by passengers, but also by fellow crew members. They have even performed for crew members a few times at crew social events. Erin and David have a very broad musical taste, they cover songs from the 50s all the way until present day, and they put their individual spin to each song. They are well suited to the cruise ship industry and very valued members of our team. All the best and looking forward to work with you guys again in the future. Erin and David have a very high musical taste, they cover songs from back on the 50;s all the way until present day, not just cover it but they did it beautifully. This duo is very suitable for cruise ship industry. I’m proud to be able to work with Jitensha and proud to call them friends. All the best and looking forward to work with you guys again in the future.
We discovered Erin and David a few days before our wedding in Montreal. Their cover version of a Coldplay song resonated wonderfully through the halls of a metro station, so soon we forgot that we are in the midst of our wedding preparations and listened to them for a while. We got chatting with this charismatic duo, and soon we realized that they would be a great icing of the cake for our wedding reception. The next day they were hired. A few days later they were performing on our big day. Jitensha were very professional in all aspects and performed a concert that left our wedding guests in awe. Best of luck for these fabulous musicians.
Given the truncated timeline, it’s shocking that their debut album—successor to their February EP—is out already. Buck Moon doesn’t sound like the result of five months work. There’s a comfort and familiarity between Hubbard and Martinez that some bands spend years creating.  
At the end of the day, what Jitensha wants you to take away from their music is their joy, thoughts, and even sorrows. Like any other form of artistic medium, the listeners of Jitensha can find something they can relate to. For a unique band, with a unique name, their message and good vibes are simply universal.

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